Hannotek, Ink specializes in producing the following digital content:

  • Blog posts (300-600 words)
  • Web articles (601-1,200 words)
  • Long-form content (1,201+ words)
  • Interviews (includes research, coordination, and a customized article)

For our services, we charge by the word, and there is a tiered fee structure.

  • Up to 600 words = 0.20/word
  • 601-1,200 words = 0.18/word
  • 1,201+ words = 0.17/word
  • Interviews are a flat fee of $250 to prepare for and conduct the interview. The article that results from the interview will be billed at a rate of 0.15/word regardless of length.

Proofreading services are offered at a rate of $30/hour, which includes a complimentary write up of suggested edits for the material.

Editing services start at $40/hour for stand-alone editing projects that did not use our proofreading service beforehand.

BEST DEAL! If you choose to have Hannotek, Ink proofread and edit your work, we bill at only $50/hour, which is a $20/hour savings.

Be advised that while we can do rush orders, the price for any content creation or editing/proofreading services are doubled. We have a steady stream of work at any given time, so our writers/editors will be compensated handsomely for increasing their production while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.